Surfing Etiquette

Every sport in history has a set of rules, the same goes for surfing. After living in surf destinations for years I have seen my fare share of people getting heated from other surfers dropping in on their waves. Dropping in on a wave means stealing the wave from another surfer. There is nothing worse than waiting on the lineup for a great wave to come in, popping up on your board and gliding across the ocean while feeling like a rockstar then out of nowhere some surfer cuts you off and takes your wave, leaving you to cut your ride short and jump off your board to avoid crashing into them. Its almost like being in traffic on the freeway then a driver tries cuts you off while merging onto the freeway forcing you to slam on your breaks to avoid hitting them. To avoid this there is a universal surfing etiquette that all surfers try to follow. Many new surfers are unaware of the rules and often just go for every wave they see coming and are able to catch. I know it can get confusing on who turn it is to go, or when you have the right of way so I found this chart online that helps explain a few rules to follow while surfing with us at Blue Surf Sanctuary in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

surfing etiquette
surf etiquette

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