Travel insurance when visiting Costa Rica

My mom always told me that travel insurance was very important. Throughout my teen and early adult years, I traveled a lot and often ignored her advice. My brother did as well and it wasn’t until he broke his arm in Mexico and landed himself a hefty hospital bill that I realized the error in […]

When is the best time to visit Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is the most amazing tropical country in Central America. After having traveled extensively throughout Central America, I ended up moving to Costa Rica three years ago now. I couldn’t be happier with my move and every year, friends pour down to visit me in paradise. One of the most common questions that my […]

Costa Rica Surf Bikinis

Costa Rica Surf Bikinis

Costa Rica Surf Bikinis – Tica Surf and Dkoko How come guys get SO many options when it comes to awesome board shorts styles for surfing whereas girls surf bikini options are still really lacking? Every year now, there are more and more girls entering the world of surfing yet, the surf bikini market seems […]

Costa Rica Top Holiday Destination in 2014 Survey

Have you been to Costa Rica? Do all of your friends keep talking about how their last trip to Costa Rica was one of their best trips yet? According to a market research study just released by BDRC Continental, Costa Rica is ranked no.1 as the travel destination most recommended for a holiday. Costa Rica is considered to […]

Spa Services in Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Santa Teresa is a fabulous place to relax while you are on vacation. The soothing sounds of the ocean, the tranquil grounds of our Costa Rica surf resort and the magical sunsets all make for the perfect setting in which you can relax, recover and nourish your body. Here are a few of the several […]