Costa Rica Top Holiday Destination in 2014 Survey

Costa Rica Top Holiday Destination in 2014 Survey
Costa Rica Top Holiday Destination in 2014 Survey
Have you been to Costa Rica? Do all of your friends keep talking about how their last trip to Costa Rica was one of their best trips yet?

According to a market research study just released by BDRC Continental, Costa Rica is ranked no.1 as the travel destination most recommended for a holiday. Costa Rica is considered to offer the “world’s best holiday experience” and this recent announcement comes as no surprise to us at the Blue Surf Sanctuary Hotel in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.  Our guests are always raving about Costa Rica and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them were participants in this study.

The 2014 Global Survey results were released this past Friday. The Global Survey asked 23,000 holidaymakers from 26 different countries which countries they had visited in the past year and what was the likelihood that they would recommend any of these countries as a good travel destination to their friends. Costa Rica came in with the highest score followed by Austria and Israel. The USA ranked 8th while Canada and the UK tied for 10th . The three least favorite travel destinations this year were China, Indonesia and Tunisia.

Interestingly enough, the survey also looked at what influences us in making our holiday destination choices. The findings revealed that 33% of us make our holiday choices based on recommendations from our friends and 30% of our holiday choices were based on previous holiday experiences while only 13% of our holiday destination decisions were influenced by the media.

The Associate Director at BDRC Continental, Jon Young, said:

“This study is one of the most broadly-based global assessments of recent tourism experiences and future intentions. It looks at destination appeal and the likelihood to recommend a country, based solely on personal experience in the last 12 months.”

How about you? Are you surprised with the results? How was your last trip to Costa Rica? Would you recommend Santa Teresa, Costa Rica to your friends as the next ‘must-visit’ holiday destination?

I know I certainly would and my friends are all more than happy that I live here now.  Costa Rica is full of lush jungle, towering volcanoes, world-class beaches and an abundance of wildlife. On top of being a world-class surf destination, what more do you want out of your next vacation?  Come see us at Blue Surf Sanctuary so you can see for yourself why Costa Rica is a Top Holiday Destination

For a full peek at the 2014 Global Survey Results, click here :


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