6 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Trip to Costa Rica – the Happiest Country in the World

Surfer at Sunset in Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Costa Rica is considered to be one of the happiest countries in the world. Forbes, as well as several other websites, has cited the Happy Planet Index, which has ranked Costa Rica as the No.1 happiest country in the world.

The Happy Planet Index is a British think-tank that measures a countries happiness based on its “sustainable well-being”. They say that Costa Ricans share an undeniable love of nature and their environment, which has culminated into a degree of happiness amongst its people that is not seen in too many other countries throughout the world. Isn’t that amazing? Doesn’t it make you want to book your next plane ticket to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica ASAP and visit Blue Surf Sanctuary

Playa Carmen Sunset
Sunsets in Costa Rica

Here are the 6 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Trip to Costa Rica – the Happiest Country in the World:

1. Small Ecological Footprint

Costa Rican’s love nature and they appreciate the beauty that surrounds them. This love for animals and landscapes translates into happier people with an overall happier sense of general well being. What more could you ask for really? Come and stay with us at the Blue Surf Sanctuary Hotel in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica and see for yourself. There are hundreds of animal and bird species here as well as a prospering jungle that extends out behind our little town for as far and the eyes can see.

2. Costa Ricans have a healthy diet high in local fruit

Costa Rica is set in a tropical jungle and as such, there are an abundance of awesome fruits grown here. Right now, for example is mango season and mangos can be found everywhere falling from the trees. Children are often seen on the sides of the roads eating mangos with smiles glowing from ear to ear and mango juice dripping from their chins. Come to Costa Rica and enjoy the local flavors. You might even get a chance to try some different types of fruit that you have never tried before.

3. The Climate

The climate here is perfect. There are no long winters to contend with and most days are sunny and full of clear blue skies. Climate has a huge effect on mood and the climate here just makes people happy. Even in the winter here which is the rainy season, people are happy for a little relief from the sun. Most of the locals love the rain, which makes for more pleasant winters here when compared to any winter in the USA or Canada.

4. Costa Ricans have good health care and they live longer

Costa Rican’s have an average life expectancy of 79.3 years. This is above US life expectancy of 78.5 years and just below Canada’s (81 years). Amazing! This has lead to a lot of happy grandparents and happy families and it goes to show you that this country has some excellent health care options.

Are you in need of some expensive dental work? Why not have it done in San Jose, Costa Rica and then, recover on the coast with us in Santa Teresa? Great idea, isn’t it?

5. Costa Ricans are peaceful. They don’t even have an army.

Costa Rica is a peaceful country and this can be seen in its wonderful people. People here are very friendly, open-minded and helpful. Our Tico neighbors here in Santa Teresa are particularly kind and they have welcomed us here to their backyard with open arms. Why not fly to Costa Rica today to experience some of this genuine hospitality?

Also, because Costa Rica chose not to fund an army in 1949, their government was able to delegate much-needed funds towards health care and education. This in turn has helped to raise the status quo for the entire country over the past 60 years. Educated and healthy people are happier in general, aren’t they?

6. Pura Vida

Last but not least is the infamous Pura Vida (Pure Life). Pura Vida is the way of life here and it is one of the main reasons why I think Costa Rican’s are so happy. Life here is slower which means less stress. It is also a very family-centric culture with much time and effort devoted to the overall family’s well being. Less energy is focused on making money and instead, valuable time is spent on each family member. Come and enjoy the Pura Vida yourself. Your dream vacation awaits.

Pura Vida Costa Rica
Pura Vida Costa Rica

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