Best time to travel to Santa Teresa Costa Rica

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Best Time to Travel to Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Why is the rainy season the best time to travel to Santa Teresa Costa Rica? When you think “rainy season” or “green season” here at beautiful Blue Surf Sanctuary in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, you often conjure up the thought of consistent downpours ruining your day’s plans. This is definitely not the case. It is truly the best time to travel to Santa Teresa Costa Rica. After many months of not even one drop of rain, the jungle is brown and dry, almost “crispy” in appearance—not its usual lush shades of vibrant greens. Its inhabitants have had to live with less water, so therefore less movement is seen during the dryer times—all the creatures, big and small are thirsty for the much needed rain. The landscape reflects what has been depriving it for many months—and now is the time Mother Nature provides to her earth what is the life force of its survival, water.

Before the rains come, the land crabs or Tajalines begin their migration from the hills of the jungle towards the beach. They come by the thousands-often making their way into your home where you have to sweep them out with a broom or other makeshift apparatus as they crawl over anything and everything—it is amazing the noise all those little feet can make! They are beautiful shades of vibrant orange and purple in color and signal the beginning of what is known here in Costa Rica as “the green season”.

Costa Rica Land Crabs
Costa Rica Land Crabs

Once the rains arrive, you can almost hear the plant and wildlife saying “thank you!”. The once dry, sagging leaves and branches of the plants and trees soak up the liquid gold, standing a little taller and reaching toward the sky again. The bird’s songs of happiness and relief are heard over rain hitting the roof. They are busy making their nests in anticipation of the next mating season. The creatures of the Nicoya Peninsula definitely think it is the best time to travel to Santa Teresa Costa Rica.

Speaking of rain hitting the roof! Now is when you close your eyes and let the sweet sounds lull you to into a wondrous slumber. Talk about getting some amazing sleep! Or maybe you prefer to catch up on some reading or writing (hence this blog post as it is raining like crazy out there right now!). Sometimes in life we need to be reminded to slow down and smell the freshly fallen rain. Again…perhaps this IS the best time to travel to Santa Teresa Costa Rica.
While I understand not everyone is going to enjoy the mud and humidity which bring wet, soggy everything (invest in some good rain gear) and bad hair days—let us just remind ourselves that in life there are different seasons—and how we choose to embrace them is solely up to us. I enjoy this slower pace, less dust, amazing sunsets, fewer cars on the road and more waves (less people means I have more waves to myself). It allows me to clear my head and focus on what truly matters. In a sense it is a rebirth for my soul. So as the trees, flowers, birds, monkeys, lizards and crabs are thankful for the rain, I am too.

The green season runs from May through early November. Contact us for more information about visiting during that time.

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